Multi-point Placement and Odd Shape Patches

Multi-Point Placement and Odd ShapePatches
Multi-point placement is a useful feature if you want to stitch inside or outside of an odd shaped patch. For example, if your quilt has trapezoid blocks or patches and you want the quilting to be traditional looking, use the multi-point placement method to create the shape for Quiltmagine that you want to stitch around.
Using Multi-Point Placement
  1. Select & Sew - Pattern
  2. Tap on Settings (on top bar), select Multi-Point and Border under Fill
  3. If you want to stitch ¼” inside the seamline of a block or patch, align the edge of the hopping foot along the edge of the Index in each of the corners of the patch,
¼” from the corner. If the block or patch has four corners, index in all four corners tapping “Add Point” at each corner. After adding the last corner, tap “Close Polygon.” This method works with blocks/patches with any number of sides, even odd shapes, such as stars.
  1. Ready to On the stitching screen, make sure that the “Ditch” button is highlighted (green outline). Pull bobbin, and sew. QM will stitch the outline that you created (visible on the screen).



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