Nolting Tech Resources

Instruction Manuals

  • NV Manual
  • Bobbin Winder Instructions
  • Nolting Pro - IntellStitch Turbo CL Manual
  • Instruction Manual
  • Nolting Intellistitch 2KN Manual
  • Instuctions for Loading a Quilt
  • Nolting Frame Assembly Instructions
  • Equalizer User Manual
  • Nolting Diamond Manual
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Helpful Videos

  • Nolting bobbin winder and bobbin case
  • Help changing your foot
  • Thread your Nolting Longarm
  • Setting the timing-long arm
  • Timing your Nolting longarm
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Quiltmagine Resources

  • Power Placement - Blocks
  • Power Panto
  • How To: Simple Sashing
  • How To: Merge Quilt Blocks
  • How To: Block Lock
  • Calibrate Quiltmagine
  • Measurments on Quiltmagine
  • Designing in Quiltmagine
  • Multi-point Placement and Odd Shape Patches
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Intelliquilter (IQ) Resources

  • Restarting a panto in the middle of a row.
  • Switching Start/Stop Points
  • Splitting On Jumpstitches or Tie-Offs
  • Stitch in the Ditch (SID)
  • Quilting a Quilt Bigger than the Frame
  • Printing patterns/screenshots
  • Screen Snapshots
  • Using Line Pattern to Create a Circular Design
  • Pantograph
  • Motor Alignment
  • How to Update IQ
  • Echo Quilting
  • Create a Line of Continuous Circles
  • Continuous Curve
  • Combining Background Fill and Echo
  • Clipping Block
  • Block Motif
  • Background Fill
  • Archiving Data
  • Align to the Current Needle Location
  • Adding Patterns to IQ
  • Path Pattern
  • Computer Art
  • Battery Is Not Charging On The Docking Station
  • Drift Test Pattern
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Intellistitch Resources

  • Adjusting I/S Turbo cl
  • An Introduction to IntelliStitch
  • Quilting with I/S Turbo cl
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Other Resources

  • Ann's Quilt N' Stuff
  • Nolting Quilters
  • Quiltmagine Computerized Quilters
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