Restarting a panto in the middle of a row.

Restarting a panto in the middle of a row.

These are the instructions for restarting a panto in the middle of a row after you have shut down. These were specific instructions for a user who needed to restart part way through the 4th row. It also reflects my preference for sequencing the whole quilt. If you use the 2 or 3 row sequencing method, you'll have to modify these instructions.

Here are the steps to start stitching in the right place on the 4th row of the quilt.

Starting when you turn on the tablet: At the main menu touch design/sew quilt. Edit/sew existing Choose the saved quilt - continue Now the message reads ' Touch a reference point on the screen.' You know you have stitched three rows so choose a reference point on the third row - a point you can see on your quilt, so it will be something at the bottom of the row. You can choose a place at the edge of the quilt if that's easiest, although a reference point in the center of the quilt is preferable. Touch continue. Now the message reads 'Move the needle to that reference point' Look for that place on your quilt and move your machine there then touch OK. On the next page touch Sew Quilt. Are all the rows green? Does the message read 'sequencing complete'? If so, touch undo again and again until all the rows are blue, then start sequencing again but start with row 4 - ignore the first three. When you have finished, touch sew quilt and the machine will move to the start of row 4 and take a stitch. But you don't want to start there because the beginning of that row is already stitched so touch 'restart'. The message says 'Move the needle to the restart location and touch ok' So move your machine to where you want to start the stitching. Before touching 'ok' look at the screen for the little arrow showing you the direction it's going to stitch. Is it on the correct line? (if there are lines crossing, watch the arrow and move the machine ever so slightly until the arrow is pointing in the right direction.) Touch OK and your machine will take one stitch so you can bring up the bobbin thread. Touch start.

Your machine should be stitching exactly where you want it to. If it isn't, then touch 'pause' then 'restart' and move the needle to where you want to start stitching.


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