Calibrate Quiltmagine

For Nolting Quilting Machine’s
In Quiltmagine it is referred to as screen scaling or calibration. This allows us to get more exact measurements which is very important when fitting designs into blocks or pantographs (avoiding edge to edge designs finishing short when stitching out a row). In other words what’s mimicked on the screen portrays what will be quilted.
  1. Measure and cut a piece of paper 3” (This needs to be accurate)
  1. In the opening screen on the Left Hand side under the heading Design and Create, Tap Pantograph, note: you may be asked to Set the safe Area, is so simply follow the
  1. Tap Help
  1. Tap Set Screen Scaling
  1. Now Place the 3” square peice of paper on the screen that
  1. Using your stylus or fingers, drag the bottom right intersecting corner, displayed on the screen, down to match your 3” square piece of
  1. Tap OK
Well done, your will now have accurate measurements when using the ruler within the software, and true scaling on screen. This is very helpful in the quilting process. 


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