Screen Snapshots

How to take a picture of whatever I have on my IQ screen.

If you have the older tablet with the top clamp or no clamp at all,
press the grey button at the very bottom of the right hand edge
of the tablet.

If you have the newer tablet with the side clamps, there are two
rectangular buttons on the top edge of the tablet. You need to press the left hand button. These buttons are not easy to feel as they are flush with the top edge so you may need to get a step stool so you can see them.

In either case, once you've pressed the button, you'll see SNAP 1
appear in very tiny letters at the bottom right of the screen. As you continue to take screen shots, the numbers will increase.

When you've taken all the shots you need, choose utilities, then save screenshots. IQ will direct you to put in your usb stick and tell you when they're all loaded. At that point the SNAP message will disappear.

Take your usb stick to your computer, open it and you'll find a folder titled screen shots. Open it and print out the pictures.


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