Quiltmagine 5 Installation Instructions

The update is free and no fee

Precautions before updating have been up on the QM Fb page since last week and reinforced with the coming posts.  They are:

  1. Tablet must be removed from the docking station, the USB unplugged, and QM opened in simulation mode to update correctly. 
  2. All recent Windows updates must be made before updating so updates in the background don't interfere with the QM update. 
  3. Updating should not be done in the middle of a panto project or any project because function buttons are different.
  4. As a rule - the tablet should never be in tablet mode when running Quiltmagine.

If you get calls on error messages, error messages that might occur are:

  • coded with numbers - could mean that the tablet was not removed from the docking station and the USB unplugged.  Windows drivers are running in the background and preventing the update.
  • Download error: Windows is trying to update in the background, or the internet is not good enough to download, or the install process wasn't completed after downloading.  Important to follow all of the steps in the Installation Instructions.
  • Permission error code - download denied: the computer/tablet virus protection is blocking the download, or the admin didn't give permission to download

Instructions also have info on updating the firmware, however, this update does not update firmware, so these instructions are not needed at this time.

The update is free and no registration is required after downloading.

Installation Instructions PDF


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