Drift Test Pattern

At the main menu, touch 'design/sew quilt' then 'edit/sew existing'.

Touch the catalog named 'TEST' and touch ' drift test' It's the one where you can see multiple rows of the heart leaf pattern. Do not choose the one that is really dense, that looks just black.

Touch 'continue'

This test is a 10" square. The message says 'touch a reference point on the screen' Touch the small green square you see where there is an S and E at the top left. It's not right at the corner.

Now move your machine to place where you want the S and E to be on your quilt. (S is start and E is end) Make sure the machine will be able to move 10 inches forward without obstruction.

Touch OK.

Now touch 'Sew Quilt' and then touch the image of the pattern. It will turn green.

Touch 'continue'

Touch 'Preview'

Your machine will move to the start of this pattern.

Place a piece of masking tape carefully under the needle and drop the needle to make a hole in the tape.

Do not move the machine when you do this.

The Speed setting on the screen should be 1.8 and the Details setting should be 1.4.

Touch start and the machine will begin to move. It will not stitch because it is in preview.

We do not stitch this pattern because it is designed to check that the motors are aligned correctly.

It will run for just over 8 minutes and when it finishes the needle should be right over the original hole in the tape.

If it is more than a sixteenth of an inch away from the hole, you need to check that the motors are perfectly straight.

Do not touch the table or machine whilst the test is running.


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