Background Fill


A No-Sew Zone is used to create background fills with IQ. No-Sew Zones will exclude the pattern from stitching inside a shape. This feature is also used to create NSZs in the middle of a panto pattern. For example, if you have photos in the quilt that need to be excluded from the quilting, or a t-shirt with rhinestones on it or other embellishments, use NSZ to show IQ where NOT to stitch.

Some will say that IQ cannot be used to do heavy background fill. If you are willing to spend the time setting it up, IQ will do a fabulous job with micro-stitching. It may require basting the quilt so that the fabric shrinkage is minimized, but I have had great success with micro-stitching as a background fill, with 2 batts in the quilt! I do babysit the machine as the IQ is working, but that's just my obsession with perfection.

Set up the Background Fill Pattern

First, set up a pantograph pattern as usual. Do the normal adjustments to the gap and make row height small - whatever size fill you want. This screenshot shows Patricia Ritter's "Curlz" panto as the background filler.Bkgrd panto1.png

Add the No-Sew Zone

1. Add/Edit Block

2. Add Block

3. No-Sew Zone

No-sew zone2.png

Select all the patterns to be affected by the no-sew zone. Select All is the best choice here, unless you are absolutely sure of which patterns will need to be interrupted.

Patt to be affected3.png

4. Define the block, using the method that suits your quilt. For applique shapes, choose Trace on Quilt, and you can trace the shape using the needle of the machine. In this screenshot, I used Load from Block Catalog to use a previously-traced bunny block.

Define no sew2.png

5. IQ will shade the interior of the space you just defined and take you into the Modify Block screen. Make any adjustments you want (example: maybe scale up your design just a tad to account for fabric shifting).

Mod no-sew zone5.png

6. IQ will ask you if you want to commit the block clipping as previewed. If you are happy with the block, touch Yes. If you want to make more adjustments, touch No.

Final no-sew7.png

You can now stitch out the background fill patterns. You can also convert the no-sew zone to a pattern, if you would like IQ to stitch around your shape.


No-Sew Zone Mini Manual


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