Stretch Steel Frame
Stretch Steel Frame
Stretch Steel Frame

Stretch Steel Frame



Our Stretch Steel Frame Allows for a Custom Quilting Table Designed Around a Customer’s Specific Needs.

  • Easy to assemble, steel frame, for many sizes of quilting machines.
  • All steel construction with 15” pattern deck.
  • Rigid design for large quilts.
  • Works with quilting machines up to 24”.
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Dead bar for even quilt rolling.
  • Readjustable to accommodate a larger machine
  • Engineered for quick frame assembly/disassembly.


Adjustable Arms

Fabric Roller Brake

Screw Leveler

Batting Roller

Quick Disassembly

Dead Bar

Pattern Deck


Consumer Supplied Conduit and Board

Center Leg Available

Steel Light Bar Available

Bought my Nolting 24 inch 2K in 2007. It's been chugging along with very few glitches in those 13 years. Very patient service techs will troubleshoot over the phone and solve any problems. I have brought my machine to the factory a couple of times and they always scheduled me for next day service and had me in and out in less than an hour. My machine has reliably quilted up over 2500 quilts in this time. 

TIM - Empty Nest Quilters, Greene, IA.

I bought my pro 30 , 8 years ago no problems except human error on my part. The support is fantastic. My friends thought I was crazy for getting such a large one, but it turns out my Pro is much lighter than their brands! I can do very intricate work with it.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Melissa McAfee in person and spend some time with her at the Nolting booths in Houston and in Ontario. She is both extremely beautiful outside and inside. She truly cares about the people who work at Nolting and spoke highly of them. I found her to be very personable and eager to make Nolting a success so we will be a success in our quilting ventures!


We were traveling from Indiana to Nebraska over a weekend. Took my Nolting with us as we planned to leave it in Hiawatha for repair and return a week later for it. Met with Dan, during our conversation explained that we would like to return in a week for the machine, as we lived about 6 hours away. Dan suggested we stick around for about 3 hours, he would call when the repair was completed. He gave us some points of interest. He called us about 2.5 hours later to let us my machine was ready to go home. He talked to my hubby and me about some home maintenance we could do. Your customer service is great! We very much appreciated our wait instead of going back a week later to pick up my machine.


My first Nolting was a 23XL because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to Longarm for just myself or have a business. Now I have two Nolting Pro 24s and a thriving business. I couldn’t do it without the excellent support from my dealer all the way to the Nolting technical support. These machines are built to last and can be worked on by me! I love that!


This is my second Nolting. First was the Voyager 17 , built a studio and decided to upgrade. I had a few issues periodically with my old machine. I would called ahead drove the 150 miles to either WI or Iowa and they would fix it while I waited. Who does this anymore! Nolting does! I went to Paducah, Des Moines and researched all models from everyone. I am fortunate to have Doug and Lou Tuntland as dealers about 35 miles from me. Great people to deal with. So I decided that having great service and someone close for support, I would buy the Nolting. Great company! Great people!! I upgraded to a custom painted Nolting NV with the Intelliquilter Quilting system. The works! Love it!! Thanks Doug and Lou for all your help!!





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