Copy of CLASS: Class Description: Quilting Intermediate Class with Joyce Blowers

Are you ready to take your quilting skills to the next level? Join Joyce Blowers, an
experienced and passionate quilter, for an intermediate quilting class that will teach
you how to create stunning and unique quilts. In this class, you will learn:
-Design choices: Explore different design options and learn how to choose the
right one for your project. Whether you want to make a traditional or modern
quilt, Joyce will show you how to select designs that suit your style and vision.
-Setting up pantographs and the benefits of the Pattern Grid: Pantographs are
continuous line quilting designs that can be used to create beautiful and
consistent quilting patterns on your quilt. Joyce will teach you how to set up
pantographs on your machine and how to use the Pattern Grid, a tool that helps
you align and space your pantographs perfectly.
-Applying binding on the quilt: Binding is the final touch that gives your quilt a
finished look. Joyce will demonstrate how to apply binding on your quilt using a
-Various types of feet, what they are used for, and how to change a foot: Feet are
attachments that help you perform different quilting tasks on your machine.
Joyce will introduce you to various types of feet, such as high viz foot, ruler foot,
couching foot, spoon foot, and open toe foot, and explain what they are used for
and how to change them.
-Basics of feathers: Feathers are one of the most popular and elegant quilting
motifs. Joyce will teach you the basics of feather quilting, such as how to draw
and stitch feathers, how to make different shapes and sizes of feathers, and how
to fill in spaces with feathers.
Basis of ruler work: Ruler work is a technique that uses special rulers to guide your
quilting stitches and create precise and intricate designs. Joyce will teach you the basis
of ruler work, such as how to use a ruler foot, how to position and hold a ruler, and how
to make straight lines, curves, circles, and more with rulers.
This class is suitable for quilters who have some experience with quilting and want to
improve their skills and creativity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a master quilter and make amazing quilts that
you can be proud of. Sign up for the intermediate quilting class with Joyce Blowers

*Class size is limited. 



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