Nolting Fun Quilter

Introducing the Nolting Fun Quilter, where innovation meets craftsmanship to create a quilting experience like no other. This machine epitomizes "The Nolting Effect," combining precision, ease of use, and robust design to elevate your quilting projects.

  • 17" throat depth, with 8" of inside height.
  • Weighs only 34 to 39 pounds depending on model.
  • Front and rear handles with single stitch button and start / stop button
  • Rear handles for laser guided pantograph quilting.
  • Select stitch regulator or standard speed mode with sewing
  • speeds up to 2500 stitches per minute.
  • Round hopping foot for using rulers and templates.
  • Convenient front and rear hand wheels.
  • 12” Fluorescent light above the needle.
  • Light weight machine body with walls constructed of strong solid aluminum.
  • Light weight machine body with walls constructed of strong solid aluminum.
  • Complete systems include frame and accessories.
  • Needle up/down with the single stitch button
  • L bobbin
  • Optional feet available including foot for couching and spoon foot
  • Custom built, individually, by skilled craftsmen at the Nolting manufacturing facility in Hiawatha, Iowa.


Professional packages include a machine, frame, needles, bobbins, bobbin winder, oil, patterns, clamps, leaders, product manuals, and a 5-year warranty.

Additionally, Nolting offers exceptional services such as delivery,
installation packages, and superior professional training.


Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines are THE workhorse of longarms.

Since 1974, Nolting machines have been built to withstand the test of time.Designed, built and serviced in the United States.

We have one goal, to be the most durable, longest lasting longarm quilting
machine on the market. No exceptions. No excuses.


Only 1 drop of oil every 8 hours of continuous use. No oil reservoirs or complex placess to access.


Light the work area perfectly.Switch out and insert a black light when needed.


Obvious thread path and tension device help you achieve your desired stitch quality.


Just right for rulers and guids.


This is my second Nolting. First was the Voyager 17 , built a studio and decided to upgrade. I had a few issues periodically with my old machine. I would called ahead drove the 150 miles to either WI or Iowa and they would fix it while I waited. Who does this anymore! Nolting does! I went to Paducah, Des Moines and researched all models from everyone. I am fortunate to have Doug and Lou Tuntland as dealers about 35 miles from me. Great people to deal with. So I decided that having great service and someone close for support, I would buy the Nolting. Great company! Great people!! I upgraded to a custom painted Nolting NV with the Intelliquilter Quilting system. The works! Love it!! Thanks Doug and Lou for all your help!!


Bought my Nolting 24 inch 2K in 2007. It's been chugging along with very few glitches in those 13 years. Very patient service techs will troubleshoot over the phone and solve any problems. I have brought my machine to the factory a couple of times and they always scheduled me for next day service and had me in and out in less than an hour. My machine has reliably quilted up over 2500 quilts in this time. 

TIM - Empty Nest Quilters, Greene, IA.

I bought my pro 30 , 8 years ago no problems except human error on my part. The support is fantastic. My friends thought I was crazy for getting such a large one, but it turns out my Pro is much lighter than their brands! I can do very intricate work with it.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Melissa McAfee in person and spend some time with her at the Nolting booths in Houston and in Ontario. She is both extremely beautiful outside and inside. She truly cares about the people who work at Nolting and spoke highly of them. I found her to be very personable and eager to make Nolting a success so we will be a success in our quilting ventures!


We were traveling from Indiana to Nebraska over a weekend. Took my Nolting with us as we planned to leave it in Hiawatha for repair and return a week later for it. Met with Dan, during our conversation explained that we would like to return in a week for the machine, as we lived about 6 hours away. Dan suggested we stick around for about 3 hours, he would call when the repair was completed. He gave us some points of interest. He called us about 2.5 hours later to let us my machine was ready to go home. He talked to my hubby and me about some home maintenance we could do. Your customer service is great! We very much appreciated our wait instead of going back a week later to pick up my machine.


My first Nolting was a 23XL because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to Longarm for just myself or have a business. Now I have two Nolting Pro 24s and a thriving business. I couldn’t do it without the excellent support from my dealer all the way to the Nolting technical support. These machines are built to last and can be worked on by me! I love that!


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Can I come to the factory and look at the machines?

We are always happy to have visitors come to the factory. You can see how the machines are built, meet the people behind the scenes, and see and play with new machines. Please call to let us know when you are going to visit the factory. We want to have machines available for you to operate. If you are in the area please stop by. It's fun.

Can I add some of the new features to my older Nolting Longarm?

We have worked very hard to make the new features available as a retro fit to older Nolting machines. We can add most of the current options to your machine. Laser pointers, round foot, stitch regulator, needle positioner, Hartley Fence, and now the track lock can all be added to your machine. Contact us about retro fits for your machine. Do you still make parts for the Nolting and Gammill machines you built? Yes... we still have or build parts for all the machines we have made. We can send you the parts or we can work on them at the factory.

Do you take trades?

We are always interested in working with you on a trade in of your current Nolting Longarm. You can trade in the machine and table or just the machine. We can build a machine to fit your current table. We refurbish them and make them available to people as used machines. We offer them with a short warranty. We do entertain offers to trade other brands, but we are not very enthusiastic about them. Please contact us if you are interested in making a trade. It can be much easier than trying to sell it yourself.

How much room is needed for the table?

We recommend that you make a space large enough to be comfortable while operating the machine. A minimum of two feet on the front, back, and on one end. On a 24" by 12' table, we recommend 8' by 14', minimum. This will be tight but you can operate the machine. More would be better. We can make custom length tables to fit your room.

Which thread works on my Longarm?

Longarm quilting machines are high-speed, multi-directional, industrial sewing machines that typically require stronger thread than your home sewing machine. Therefore choose threads with high tensile strength. Polyester, cotton wrapped polyester core, and selected cottons have proven to work effectively. Nolting carries a line of quilting thread that works very well on Longarm machines.

Can I use 1/4 inch rulers with my Nolting

Some older Nolting Longarms have a high lifting hopping foot. All of the machines made after 1995 have the lower lifting hopping foot. You will be able to use a true 1/4" ruler or template. There is a simple test to find out how high your foot lifts. Move your longarm over to the side and remove any fabric from the throat of the machine. Using the hand wheel lower the hopping foot to its lowest position. It should be about a Dime's thickness off of the throat plate. Now roll the hand wheel until the hopping foot is at its highest point. Get out your allen wrench set. Lay an allen wrench on its side on the throat plate and try to slide it under the foot. Start with the 1/4" allen wrench. Does it slide under? If it does, you will need to use 3/8" rulers. If it does not slide under, you can use 1/4" rulers. We have a round foot that is 1/4" away from the needle all the way around. Check out Trouble shooting for more information on getting one for your machine. We also carry large ruler bases that help when using rulers. You can order them at the Accessories Page.


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