CLASS: Beginner and Refresher Longarm Quilting with Joyce Blowers

Discover the feeling of confidence with Joyce Blowers in this exciting beginner or pre
owner class. No matter if you bought your machine new, used, or are still researching
this class is packed with information that will help you to get the finest stitch and teach
you the art of longarming. Also, if you are just investigating longarms, this will help you in your research to discover details that will help you purchase with confidence.
This classroom and hands-on class is designed to teach you the basics of quilting. The
class will be led by the amazing instructor, Joyce Blowers, who has over 35 years of
quilting experience and is a former high school teacher.

In this class, you will learn about the following topics:
 Overview of machines
 Detailed review of the machine’s components to ensure that you are familiar with
their names and functions. This knowledge will help you when you need to order
parts or seek customer service.”
 Loading the Quilt and keeping it straight
 Threading the machine and bobbin
 Changing needles
 Problem-solving
o Basic tension
o Thread breaking
 Machine and frame maintenance and adjustments: Learn how to maintain your
machine and make easy adjustments to ensure it’s running smoothly.
 Intro to free motion quilting with tips and techniques to get you started quilting.
 Design choices: Explore different design options and learn how to choose the right one
for your project

*Class size is limited. 



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