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Nolting Manufacturing Relocates To New Iowa Facility

Team Nolting Continues Tradition Of Excellence In Design, Craftsmanship

Dan Terril, president of
Nolting Manufacturing
Nolting Manufacturing, which is known worldwide for bringing you the original hand guided quilting machine, is proud to announce it will continue its tradition of providing excellent customer service, now from a new location.

Since November of 2001, Nolting has been settling into its new home at 1265 Hawkeye Drive, Hiawatha, IA. According to Dan Terrill, owner and company president, the new facility is 12,000 square feet, an estimated 20 to 25 percent larger than the previous plant in Stover, MO.

"Nolting Manufacturing has been in business for over 17 years," Terrill said.

Sharing the company history, Terrill continued, "Fred Nolting created the modern longarm quilting machine in the 1970s. In 1984, he began to produce longarm machines for private label distributors. In 1990, Fred began to sell the quilting machines direct to customers as Nolting Manufacturing. In April of 2001, Fred was ready to retire and was looking for a buyer. I crossed paths with the opportunity, and it's been a whirlwind ever since."

After the business changed hands, Terrill continued operations in Stover, MO, for a short period and then prepared for the move of the factory. Relocating Nolting took one week, and Terrill incorporated many changes and improvements to the company at the same time.

Nolting Manufacturing
Operations Manager Gordon Grant

"We have changed everything except the quality, the strength, and durability of the machines," he explained. "We've changed everything else for the better. We were known for our customer service already, and we've improved it. Consistency in our product was a little wary, so we've taken some steps to help make the machines more consistent, more predictable. We've also adjusted pricing; some increased, some decreased."

Additional changes on the venue include improving the manuals for the machines, making videos to accompany their products, and improving the company Web site,

"We intend to do better with the technical aspects of the business," Terrill shared. "Our Web site is better now than it ever was, but we still have a long way to go."

There are now defined departments at Nolting Manufacturing, which include the machine shop (where the hard goods are manufactured), the paint room, table assembly department, machine assembly department, and the showroom. The products Nolting offers include longarm machines, a new stationery machine, called the Quilting Bee, support parts, and accessories such as batting, threads, fabric, extra wide fabric, and patterns.

While some of the Nolting employees chose to relocate with the company, others did not; therefore, new workers are still in the process of training and learning the blueprints, etc. Terrill himself has a background of 16 years experience working in the steel and metals fabrication industry. He stated he has wanted to do his own thing for a long time, and that is what has brought him to where he is today.

"I found an opportunity and I took it," said Terrill. "I think the quilting industry is in a good place right now. I think the longarm machines have a long life ahead of them, and I believe good things are before us." As with any business endeavor, there are challenges that Terrill faces and rewards that make it all worthwhile. Terrill said his challenges, however, have all been "self inflicted."

"I've set goals that are close and high. I want to increase sales, increase quality, and make product changes, and we've started to do all that - fast. In 2002, I want to continue to meet these goals and do even more." Seeing satisfied customers and being able to meet customers' goals is what makes the Nolting Team a success.

Terrill shared, "The response we've received from our customers about how we are doing is rewarding. When we are successful and can help someone over the phone, that is nice to hear. It's fun when customers get excited. They can go from the peak of frustration to the peak of happiness in just a short time."

Terrill noted that it is these same customers who drive his company. "We grow as the customers demand," he said. "They provide us with the ideas, and we provide the products. That's what we are all about."

To this day, Nolting Manufacturing longarm quilting machines are recognized for their superior, strong, and yet simple design. Terrill said he plans to continue the tradition of excellence in design and craftsmanship that are the trademarks of Nolting machines.

"We will strive for further innovation and increased presence in the industry," he stated. "I want this company to be where it belongs, and that' s number one! It's a long term goal. I want to move it from the best kept secret to where it should be and that's the best known longarm quilting manufacturer."

For more information about becoming a Nolting dealer, call 1-319-378-0999; e-mail; or visit its Web site,