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Cleaning Your Machine
By Nolting

Nolting Mfg., Inc. recommends cleaning the tracks and wheels after each quilt is completed. Use a wad of poly batting. It is mildly abrasive and will remove small particles well. Run the batting down the tracks from the
middle out. The outward motion will brush the debris out the end of the track. Then apply pressure to the batting against the wheels and roll the Longarm machine in both directions, to remove any particles from each wheel.
Then repeat the track cleaning a second time. Remember to clean all four tracks and all eight wheels. If you practice this after each quilt your machine will always run smoothly and your wheels will last much longer. If you have an older Nolting with stained or rusted tracks, clean them up with steel wool or a fine emery cloth. After that, continue the process with poly batting. Cleaning and lubricating are important to the long-term life of your