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Eliminate Your Down Time

This seems to be everyoneís busiest time of the year. The worst thing that can happen is a minor breakdown that shuts you down for days. Avoid waiting days for a minor part to arrive in the mail or paying too much for overnight shipping. Have a stock of parts for your longarm machine.
If you consider your investment in machines, fabric, batting, thread, and all the other great things that go with machine quilting. Most of them are of little use if your longarm is idle. A supply of common parts is a wise business move. This is not a sales pitch, but a way to make your quilting more profitable and productive.
Make a list of the parts that wear as you sew. Consider your experience with your machine. What parts wear on it? Include parts that you cannot sew without.
Letís look at some.
Thread guides get concentrated wear from the thread traveling over the same spot, and can develop burrs or break.
Needles get dull, break, and can develop burrs.
Bobbins never seem to have the right color of thread in them.
Throat plates get hit by flexed needles and develop thread-cutting burrs.
Tension springs break without warning.
Tension devices get grooves worn into them from the thread and do not perform properly.
Bobbin cases can be dropped and loose their shape, or develop burrs from contact with the needle.
Your hook can develop burrs or the point can get dull.
Motors and motor brushes are rated for an estimated life and do wear out with use.

Most of the mentioned parts are very inexpensive. Many parts suppliers have a minimum charge. This usually covers any packaging and handling charges. The minimum can put you on the spot to purchase items you donít need. This idea list should help.
Having the part you need, late Friday night, can save you a lot of down time. Your time is valuable. Your customers are eager. So make that list and be prepared.
Good Luck and Happy Holidays.