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The Hardest Working Part on Your Machine
By Dan Novak

The hook assembly on your machine is the hardest working part on your machine. The hook assembly is most likely one of the most over looked parts on your machine also. The old saying,”Out of sight, Out of mind “ holds true.
The hook assembly is the part that you put your bobbin and bobbin case in. The hook assembly turns twice as fast as any other part on your machine. The hook assembly is made up of two main parts. The inner hook and the outer hook. The inner hook is held in place with the positioning or finger while the outer hook is connected to a shaft on the machine. The outer hook then rotates around the inner hook as fast as 5000 R.P.M.
The hook assembly is made out of metal and has very little capacity for lubricant. It is very important that you keep the hook clean and lubed regular. I like to blow the hook assembly out with compressed air while I turn the thumb-wheel to make sure that I get all of the lint and debris out of it. After blowing the hook out I then place a drop of oil in the bottom edge of the hook assembly and run the machine for a few seconds off to the side of the quilt to get rid of the excess oil and keep it off of the quilt.
The hook assembly picks the thread off of the back of the needle and loops the top thread around the bottom thread forming a stitch. If the hook has some damage or wear, it may be necessary to replace or repair the hook.
The hook shield or thread guard, #6 in this picture can be damaged or have nicks or burs on it. This part is replaceable and is very inexpensive.
The hook point is the sharp point that you see in diagram #3. The point can become worn or have a bur on the backside causing the thread to break or causing skipped stitches. You usually have to buy a new hook to replace this part, but with a phone call to your tech., you might be able to salvage it.
Keep your hook assembly clean and oiled and you will enjoy many hours of trouble free Quilting.