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If you cannot find what you need, please call us. We carry all parts and accessories for every Nolting.

3" Magnifying Lens that helps you with threading or quilting those small designs popular in today's competition quilting. The Magnifier attaches to an existing bolt on your Nolting. No drilling.
Skill Builder fabric 1
36 x 44 black printed designs on white fabric that helps teach you basic designs used in longarm quilting.
Ruler Base for Fun, Hobby and MAQ
This is a slip on plastic base that is 10" deep by 12" wide.
Overhead Light Bar w/Lights
This is our overhead light bar. It is a freestanding unit. It will work with any frame, even brand X. It is adjustable in height and position. You can get it without lights for less.
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate of any amount. Just enter the multiple of $10 that you want it to be.
Bobbin Brush
Two Small brushes that are ideal for getting the lint out of your bobbin area. 2 brushes per pack.
Needle Advance
Press the button to advance the needle then let off when it is in the position you want. Easy for the operator to attach. Battery powered. Works on any standard speed longarm that uses a DC motor.
Ruler Mate for commercial and Pro machines
Fits the commercial and Pro machines. Stirrup under the machine can get in the way of the Quiltmagine. If you have Quiltmagine we recommend the Ruler Plate.
T-N-T (Templates 'N Techniques)
ITS FINALLY HERE!!!! Do templates light your fuse? Can't resist buying them, but not quite sure how to use them to really set your quilt off? Let Mindy show you how to have a blast with acrylic templ
Micro Drive Handles
These are the handles you have seen on TV. They help with tiny designs. They clamp right above the needle and come down on either side.
Skill Builder fabric 2
36 x 44 black printed designs on white fabric that helps teach you basic designs used in longarm quilting.
Taking it to the Edge with Dusty Farrell
Learn a new twist on vine and branch quilting. Dusty then teaches his incredible flames and rubber duckies. He shows you how to find and utilize special motifs and make them your own incredible E2E.
Skill Builder Companion Booklet
Booklet that is companion to Skill Builder fabric pieces.
Ruler Plate
Nolting Ruler Plate for use with rulers and templates. All metal with quick clamping for easy on/off. Has a sight window for use with Quilter's Eye camera system.
Free Hand Filigree booklet
By Dustin Farrell. Over 40 pages of designs and ideas with notes you can use to expand your own designs.
Ruler Mate
All metal ruler base for Nolting commercial longarms produced by Donita Reeves.
Good Feathers Gone Bad Booklet
By Dustin Farrell. Dusty takes traditional feathers for a walk on the wild side. 40 page sketch book full of variations on feathers.
Precision Oiler
With a needle sized tip you can reach the hook assembly with ease. Refill with the larger bottle of longarm oil on this page.
Ruler 3/8 x 3 x 11 with 45 degree angle
Ruler guide tool for straight lines and 45 degree angles. Extra thick ruler for both newer and older longarms.
Scissors with Micro Tips
Great for "un-sewing" Micro Tips made to get in a snip the smallest stitches. 4.5" overall length.
3/8 x 3 x 11 Ruler/Template
Rectangle 3/8" thick ruler for use with all Nolting longarms. Recomended to use with Ruler Foot and the Ruler Plate.
Saddle Stool
Very comfortable stool with saddle like seat. Pneumatic cylinder adjusts from 24" to 36" high.
Janie Spot Remover
Dry Stick Spot Cleaner. Safe for all fabrics. Never ever leaves a ring. Removes most oil, grease, dirt, and food stains. Non-toxic. .4oz. brush cap container.
Magnetic Pin Bowl
Sticks to the table so you can always have your pins close.
Battery Powered Laser Pointer
This is a very nice system. Uses 3-AA batteries. Lasts a long time. Adjustable dot size. Velcro it to your Hobby Quilter any other machine.
T - Pins
Box of T-pins for securing material to canvas leaders.
Basic Ruler and Template 8 pc. set
3/4" x 11" and 1 3/4" x 11" rulers. 3", 4", and 5" circles. 5", 6", and 7" ovals. Basic 1/4" set for use with a ruler base and our round foot.
Hartley Fence
Hartley Fence is a circle maker. It can also make diagonal line for cross hatching. All new Nolting machines are drilled and tapped to quickly attach the Hartley Fence. Please indicate the table style
Jaws are clamps that hold your fabric to the rollers. 5 large and 5 small in a package.
Nipper Nest
Attaches around the neck of your machine. Scissors or thread snips holder.
Side clamps w/velcro 2 pack
Two clamps. Side clamps with two sided Velcro used to pull the sides of the quilt. These are softer on the hands and have a nice wide grip.
Black Light Bulb
Used to ligh the glow powder and pencils.
Black Light Pencil
Glow pencil used with optional black light for creating your unique patterns.
Longarm machine oil
Oil for lubricating your Longarm and rotary hook.
Nolting Bobbin Winder
Auto stop bobbin winder for regular size or double capacity bobbins. Stand alone unit. Works with other machine's bobbins.
Canvas Leader for Hinterberg frame
Three piece Hemmed leader set. Two 12" and one 24" by length. Please indicate your frame length.
Stitch Ripper
Great tool for picking out stitches you didn't want.
Longarmed and Fabulous DVD
DVD with techniques to help you improve your longarm skills.
DVD - Basic use of Longarm
"I Have a Longarm and I'm Not Afraid To Use It!" Video teaches you the basics of operating and caring for your longarm. By Mindy Caspersen
Zipper set for quilts
This is the extra set of zippers for additional quilts. Please specify your table length. 10', 12' or 14'. others available
Zippers for leaders.
First set of zippers for your table. One side sews to your leaders, the other side pins to your quilts. Please specify your table length. 10', 12' or 14'. others available
Horizontal Spool Holder
Holds one or two spools (not cones) of thread. Screws into the top of the sewing head.
Scissor retractor
Also called a Pull, FOB, or recoiler. Clips to your lapel so you never loose you snips. Nolting logo item.
Small Thread Snips
Nice forged snips. 3.5" overall length scissors. Great in cobination with our retractor.
More Designs w/ Lines
Pam Clarke Video, work book, and stencil.
Introduction to Designs w/ Lines
Pam Clarke Video, work book, and stencil.
Quilt Pounce. Use with Miracle Chalk powder.
Tear Drop Tool
1/4" thick.
Pointed Leaf/Oval Tool
1/4" thick. 4"x 7"
S Shape Tool
1/4" Thick
Mini 4 in 1 Tool
1/4" thick. 4 1/4" x 6 1/4"
Feather Tool Lg
1/4" thick
Wide Rope Tool 1-3
1/4" thick. 1" & 3" rope.
Wide Rope Tool 2-4
1/4" thick. 2" & 4" rope.
Clamshells Times 4 Tool
1/4" thick. 1" clamshell, 2" clamshell, 3" clamshell and 4" clamshell
Squiggle 1 Tool
1/4" thick. 1 3/4" x 5/8" Squiggle. 5" x 3/4" Wave
Nested Circles Tool
1/4" thick. Set of 12. 1 1/2" to 11 1/2"
Nautilus Chucky Tool
1/4" thick ruler.Two piece set. 6" & 7" spirals.
Nested Mini Circles Tool
1/4" thick. 1", 2", 3", 4"
Mini Straight Line Tool
1/4 thick. 6 1/2" straight line edge w/1/4" indent. Can be used to Stitch in the Ditch.
Sqare Spiral Tool
1/4" thick.
Nautilus Spiral Tool
1/4" thick. 2 piece template set. Creates 5" & 6" spirals.
Small Rope Tool
1/4" thick. 1 1/2" & 3" rope. Stitching left to right.
8 Point Stencil
8" square to 14" square.
Micro Maneuver Tool
1/4" thick. This tool is designed to aid in creating micro-stippling and other fine detail work.
Micro Maneuver Tool
1/4" thick. This tool is designed to aid in creating micro-stippling and other fine detail work.
Starter Tool
1/4" thick. One edge is for straight lines or "Stitch in the Ditch". The other edge is for shallow curve.